¡Bienvenidos al apasionante mundo del urban sketching!

Welcome to the exciting world of urban sketching!

Meet Joaquín Dorao, illustrator of urban sketching , or urban drawing. Which is not just drawing buildings and urban landscapes. It is a way to capture moments, emotions and the very essence of each place we explore.

Urban sketching that is an urbansketcher - Joaquin Dorao

Imagine walking through the streets of an unknown city, with a drawing pad in one hand and a pencil in the other. Every step is an opportunity to capture the beauty of the architecture, the vibrant colors of everyday life and the energy of the people that fill the streets.

Urban sketching invites us to stop, observe and connect with our environment in a unique way. It is a visual journey where each line and stroke leads us to discover the personality of each corner of the world.

The wonderful thing about this hobby is that you don't need to be an expert in the art. We can all participate, regardless of our ability or experience. It's about exploration, personal expression, and enjoying the creative process.

As an urban sketching workshop instructor, Joaquín travels across five continents, sharing techniques and tips with enthusiasts from all over. Discovering the power of observation, patience and connection with the environment to create unique and life-filled works.

Get ready to discover the magic of the streets, markets, parks and iconic buildings of each place! Urban sketching is much more than drawing, it is a way to connect with the world around us and create unforgettable visual memories.

➡️ More information about in-person workshops at www.joaquindorao.com

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